Eat the frog with Pomodoro

Is it only me who keeps putting today’s work tomorrow and completes it just before the deadline or do you also struggle with your procrastination habits? I know we all are always hooked up to hundreds of potential distractions in this age of mobile phones and laptops. And fulfilling tasks before the time is a miracle for us. So, how do you conquer your thoughts?

I came to know about “eat the frog with Pomodoro” today so I gave it a try and honestly speaking playing with Pomodoro was fun. Playing with Pomodoro means you just have to stay focused for 25 minutes. Set a 25 minutes timer and as the timer rings, take a short break and then back to work and repeat. I am pretty sure we all can work on a task for 25 minutes uninterrupted

Since I have played with Pomodoro, I’ll share my experience with you all. I wanted to clean my room using Pomodoro because I have not cleaned it since ages. Books were on my dressing table and dresses were on the couch. Make-up was scattered all over my room. Shoes were not in their place. It was a huge task to be done. I set a 25-minute-timer and started cleaning my room from arranging my makeup. I attended a wedding few days ago and I had not arranged it. I played some music and started to wash all the makeup brushes. Oh my god its such an awful task for me but girls can feel me. I washed all the brushes it took 15–17 minutes then I put all the makeup and jewellery back to their places as soon as I closed the jewellery box the timer rung. I took a break for 5 minutes checked my phone because my phone kept vibrating during these 25 minutes. I replied to the messages and then again set a timer for 25 minutes. I decided to organize my shoes. It took almost 5 min to find the shoe boxes as soon as I found them I started to put the shoes in their respective boxes. I was thinking I will complete this task before the time. But NO although I completed this task in 24 minutes I was distracted as I started trying some shoes and started to walk and looked myself in mirror. I took 5 minutes break went to my brother’s room to tease him. . I then again set a timer for 25 minutes and chose to reset my wardrobe. I gathered all my clothes and put the clean clothes in the hanger and hung them up in the cupboard and I put those which needed to be washed in the laundry. This time I was not distracted by anything. And as the alarm rang, I was done with my wardrobe as well. I treated myself with my brother’s chocolate which he put in fridge and I lately paid for this.

As I was done with my room I decided to start my online course and planned to complete section 1 of it. The videos in it was of 17 minutes so I thought I can do that. I set the alarm this time I powered off my mobile and started working on it and I completed it at time.

I can’t tell how happy I was. I kept procrastinating this task for a month and by using this Pomodoro technique, I can’t believe I did it. I beat my procrastination habit so easily. It was fun and exciting playing with Pomodoro and it wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, it was easier to work taking short breaks than just working without enjoying it. Even, I managed to do more work by this technique as I didn’t plan to clean my side tables but since I had enough time, I did that too. And I will definitely use this technique for my later tasks as well. The peace I am having right now is unexplainable. The only thing I would suggest is “do not keep tracking the time.” As you put the alarm for 25 minutes, do not keep checking for how much time is left. It is a distraction too. Just stay focused on the task and put the timer aside.