Fixing stuff around myself

Today I am assigned with a task to fix something in my surrounding. This task is related to leadership. Let’s see how. Currently I am in my bedroom writing this blog.

Before fixing stuff

I think my side table really needs to be fixed. I have not cleaned it . All the chargers and head phones are lying here and even the cup in which I had tea last night. There is a total mess on this table. So let’s organize the stuff.

After fixing stuff

As you can see I organized the books put the laptop charger back in its place and the cup back to kitchen. I am feeling so relaxed after doing it. I think I was going to fix it at the same time if I had not asked to fix it because there was such a mess around me and it was frustating for me

It is related to everyday leadership and leadership without authority. How you take action and ownership on your own and practice daily leadership instead of just wait for some big opportunity



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